Small Unit Immersion

Tremis Dynamics

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SUI is a multi-day class that will start Friday evening and run through Monday afternoon. The entire time will be spent at the training facility. We will training all hours of the clock. You will be expected to bring a cot, sleeping bag, and field rations for each day. We will be grilling for dinner and breakfast, but lunch and anything else is on you. Since we will be on the range/in the field during dark, you are welcome to bring night vision, but it is not required. We will cover a number of subjects, including the standard Pistol and Carbine shooting. We will cover some patrolling basics,  setting up OP/LP, reacting to contact, setting ambushes, medical blocks, communications, convoy operations as well as a few other shorter subjects.

Prerequisites: A standard 2-day Carbine course, such as Dynamic Carbine (TremDyn), Fighting Rifle (TacRes), AKnowledge (FTC), Human Weapon Interface (ND), Rifleman 1(VL), Light Semi-Automatic Rifle (AV),LongGun (PT).

Gear List:
THIS VIDEO is a good starting point for sustainment gear.

One Open Mind
Note taking materials
Eyepro (clear and shaded)
Earpro (electronic required, comms compatible recommended)
A Zeroe’d Fighting style carbine
Weapon Mounted light.
10 carbine magazines
A Fighting-style Pistol
3 Pistol Magazines
Load carriage for at least 4 magazines (PC or chest rig)
Gun belt with pistol mag pouches and holster.
Hat, Sunscreen, bugspray
Small Assault Pack
Field Uniforms (you will have OpFor trying to observe you, no bright colors)
Sturdy footwear (mid/high top hikers recommended)
Cold weather gear (It gets chilly in the desert at night)
Rain gear (it doesn’t often rain, but it pays to be safe)
Extra Socks/Underwear
Shower Kit/ hygiene gear
Radio capable of FRS and MURS (earpro compatible, recommended)NOT CHINESE!
GPS (handheld, NOT a cell phone)
Gun cleaning gear/Lube (We will be doing a nightly cleaning session)
Knee/elbow pads (optional)
A roll of TAN masking tape
A staplegun and staples
Field Rations for 3 lunches
Water carriage (Camleback,Nalgene, or canteens, NOT disposable water bottles)
A Cot and Bedding (Some cots available to rent from MWR, ask us)
200 Rounds of Pistol ammo
1000 rounds of carbine ammo

Range fees/2 meals per day/lodging included in tuition. Class will start Friday evening and end on Monday afternoon.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review