GM Master Class

Tremis Dynamics

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Product Overview

The revamped Master Class is not for beginners. We are going to take the principles learned in Dynamic Pistol / Dynamic Carbine and refine them, and fine-tune them. We expect the students to hit the ground running.

We will utilize techniques for maximizing the ability to make hits while on the move. This won't be your standard “walking and shooting.” We are going to hone our ability to make explosive movements and get quality hits while doing so.

Not all gunfights are running gunfights, so the other major area we will focus on is using terrain to our advantage. Cover techniques are barely recognized in the training community. They hit barricades well but overlook the cover. We won't; we will delve into the nuances of using cover to its maximum potential.

We’re going to run Pistols and Carbines all day. 6 hours in the sunshine. After a break, we’re headed back to the range to run all of that in the dark as well. It’s going to be a long day, but you will get your money's worth. And for a new twist, this class will get challenge coins!

All students will have their training resumes vetted. The only guaranteed entry is for those who have a Black Dog Tag from our Day 3 classes. Everybody else will be expected to show competency.

Gear List:

One Open Mind
Pen and Paper
A striker-fired pistol
A strong side kydex holster (Yes, Appendix is fine)
A sturdy Gun Belt
A handheld flashlight
A ZEROE’D Fighting Carbine
Weapon light on the carbine
Load carriage of your choice3 Pistol Mags min
5 Rifle mags min
300 rounds of Pistol ammo
300 rounds of Rifle ammo
Quality Eye Protection (clear for nighttime)
Electronic Hearing Protection
Sunscreen/Bug spray/Hat
Kneepads (Optional)
Bag Lunch
Cleaning Gear and Lube
A roll of tan Masking tapeA stapler and staples
$Range Fee (as determined by the host range)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review