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2 Days

This is a 2-day intermediate-level class designed to break the static range mindset. Gunfights are a dynamic experience - training for one should be as well. We will emphasize a lot of movement, using cover, concealment, and barricades; fundamental shooting skills; shooting with either hand; Basic Shooter First Aid concepts; multiple targets; working as a team, and more in a variety of drills that stress realism and will challenge your decision making. You will learn techniques for using your gun from CQB distance out to 100+ yards and gain the confidence and mindset to effectively employ a carbine.

This class will set you up perfectly to take Day 3 Carbine. We try to run this directly afterward so you can do all three days back to back.

We do allow pistol-caliber carbines as well as rimfire in this class. Student's rifles MUST BE ZEROED!

Prerequisite: Basic rifle skills, such as Day 0 Carbine



Gear List:
One open mind
Pen and Paper
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic Ear Pro recommended)
Weather appropriate clothing
Load carriage of your choice
A ZEROED fighting carbine 
5 magazines
700 rounds of quality ammo
Gun lube of choice, cleaning gear
A roll of tan masking tape
Stapler and staples
Kneepads (optional)
A packed lunch and beverages for each day
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Dynamic Carbine

    Posted by Andrew Smrecek on Feb 19th 2024

    This class is very well paced and has a ton of good drills and information for both experienced and new shooters. A new shooter would become confident in themselves in a very short amount of time, and an experienced shooter would pick up on several new techniques and new perspectives on things they thought they had a full understanding of. There are some things I learned in this class that I have never seen anywhere else that I think should be the standard practice and I will now adopt into my own practice. Garry and Mike both do a great job of teaching information in a simple manner that is easy for everyone to understand.

  • 5
    Firearms Training

    Posted by Jason H on Oct 28th 2023

    This is the foundational training you absolutely need for owning and being prepared to fight with your rifle. Small class size and excellent small block instruction is easy to digest and builds through the course. Practical drills tie to real world application and gives you plenty of material to practice after the class. Garry is a great instructor and adds a lot of practical basis for the instruction given.

  • 5
    Dynamic Carbine

    Posted by Caleb K. on Oct 27th 2023

    I really enjoyed this class. The drills tested my abilities and gave me tools to add to the tool box. Gary did a great job of instructing and I'm very glad to take this class because I'm still applying the lessons learned I as continue my training path.

  • 5
    First Training Class

    Posted by Steven K on Oct 26th 2023

    This was my introduction to the tactical training community and I came away with so much more knowledge. If you haven't had any training aside from basic operation of a fighting rifle and you want to learn how to be effective, this is the place to start.