About Us

Free Thinkers are Dangerous

Tremis Dynamics has been around in one form or another since 2009. The catalyst for turning it into a full-time endeavor in 2018 was the state of affairs in the training community. Dogma was becoming the dominating focus for civilian training. There had been a time when functionality and performance pushed dogma out of the way, but the training world simply adopted new dogma.

With the proliferation of Force on Force capabilities, much of that dogma was proven ineffective, but the training industry seemed incapable of evolving. Trainers were engraving their techniques in stone tablets and claiming “doctrine” to be the life preserver that shooters need. Doctrine is an anchor and only good for display at the old schoolhouse to recognize those who pioneered it.

TremDyn pressure tests every aspect of their training curriculum constantly. Resisting opponents are the true litmus test and our goal is to constantly test the curriculum. You’ll never hear “this worked one time in Afghanistan” but you will hear “This has been tested against resisting opponents hundreds of times”. Data is always being collected to assess the performance of what is being taught. A class from last year may look vastly different from the same class this year as constant evaluations are made and refinements implemented.

That’s our promise to you; to leave Dogma in the Fanes and keep Doctrine in a dusty manual.