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This is where you come to register for our World-famous Study Groups. They are essentially free, the only thing that we pay for is any consumables. Range rentals, targets, UTM ammo, AvGas, etc. 

We spend a lot of money to go to classes and get training, but often we dont invest the time to practice what we have learned. So we decided to put together these Study Groups on various topics and subjects. We've run scores of them already and we have to admit, it's our favorite events to run. 

The only catch is, somebody needs to vouch for you. Either someone who has already attended a Study Group, or be an Alumni of Tremis Dynamics.

If there is a cost associated, we estimated it and added it to the respective even in the dropdown list.

SG67 - Bug The Fuck OUt XIX - North Central PA
SG68 - Live Fire, Carbine and Pistol - Sugarloaf, PA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review