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FISH Workshops are a series of repeating events that focus on various subjects taught in FISH 1-3. You do NOT have to be a FISH alumni to attend these, although you may find it helpful. 

You will make multiple runs through the shoothouse throughout the day. We will dig a little deeper in the nuances of Fighting in Someones House. There will much less instruction but a lot more coaching. You will be observing other students as they do their runs in order to maximize the learning opportunities in the shoothouse.

We will run as much as we can with Mantis Blackbeards. If you have one, please bring it, we have a very small number of loaner units. You may opt to run UTM instead, but you will need to purchace UTM ammo. We have loaner UTM Bolts. If you want to buy a Blackbeard from us, we can add one to the workshop as a combo and save you some money.

Gear List:

An open mind
Note-taking material for your data collection.
Clear Eye Pro (ANSI Z87)
Facemask/Goggles (ASTM F1776) Loaners available
Holster for G17/19 if we run UTM or Airsoft pistols
Hand-held flashlight
Rifle Mounted WML
Long sleeve shirt/pants
A rifle capable of using an UTM conversion and a Blackbeard conversion.
Optional: Your own Airsoft rifle is an option in place of a host rifle. <350 FPS
Optional: Your own Gas powered Airsoft Pistol <350 FPS
Optional: Pistol-mounted WML
Plenty of Water
$Range fee (varies by location)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review