Mantis Magazine Adaptor


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Want to run an X10 on your gat, but it won't fit in your holster? Or maybe your gun doesn't have a pic rail, or maybe there's a flashlight already occupying that location. Not to fret; we have you covered. You can get a replacement baseplate for your magazine, and it tucks the X10 well out of the way.

It can be used for dry fire as well as live fire.

The Universal Adaptor is held on with supplied industrial-strength adhesive tape (included)
The BR4 Borerail/Revolver kit is dry fire-only and fits revolver bored from 9mm-.45

We do our best to keep these in stock, but they move fast. We set the system up to allow orders even after it runs out. We will put an order in the following business day if that's the case.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review