Mainville Firearms Protection Course

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The Firearms Protection Course held at Mainville Sportsmans Club is a take on our Day 0 Pistol. MSC is our home range here in town and we wanted to help them out. The fella that used to run this course retired, so we stepped up to fill the need.

This class is designed for the first-time gun owner or someone that just got a carry permit and wantes to learn the best, safest way to to use thier pistol. The class is about 6 hours long and will be a mix of classroom and range time. If you have a holster, bring it; if you dont, thats fine, we'll discuss different carry options and get you pointed in the right direction for your first purchase. If you need any direction for what gear to get thats on the gear list, or where to get it, please Contact Us and we'll get you sorted out.

Gear List:
One open mind
Pen and paper
A functioning, quality pistol
150 rounds of quality ammunition
2 Magazines minimum
Sturdy Gun Belt (optional)
Kydex Holster (optional)
Eye and Ear Protection (Amplified is recommended)
Weather appropriate clothing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review