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This is the toolkit we give to students at Navigation Dynamics. There is a complete set of pocket reference cards as well as a pocket slot tool protractor, a 1:24K Grid tool and a magnifier* In addition there is a 45page Manual on using the UTM system as well as numerous handouts. There is also the materials to make your own set of pace beads using skull beads because skulls are cool. We'll even throw in a TremDyn pencil for writing on your map.

Using your GPS with UTM Coordinates 3rd Ed. John Carnes
Reference Card - UTM, MGRS, USNG
Reference Card - Declination & Compass Rose
Reference Card - Latitude Longitude
Reference Card - Time, Speed, and Distance
Reference Card - Millimeter Grid
Reference Card - Inclinometer for Slope Angle
1:24,000 Scale Pocket Size UTM Grid
Pocket Sized UTM Slot Tool - Degrees
Steel Cable ring for pocket tools
Locating Coordinate Grid Information on USGS Maps Sheet
Map Math Instruction Sheet
USGS Topographic Map Symbols Sheet
North Reference Sheet
UTM Tool Instruction Sheet
Tremis Dynamics Pencil
13 Skull Beads

* Very few pocket magnifiers left. Larger magnifiers will be substituted when we run out. When the larger magnifiers run out, we will not be including them. The manufacturer went out of business so we can only offer them until they run out.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review