First Wave Trempendix™ Signature Holster (Omega)

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Product Overview

The new addition to the Tremis Signature line is the Omega version of the Trempendix™.

We set about making it dwarf-freindly. Short folks have a different set of considerations when carrying appendix, so we catered this to them. It also works really well for human-sized people too.

When we removed material, no make the muzzle-end narrower, it also left us without a tie off point for fannypack and kitbag carry. So the chaps at First Wave designed the Wigglyjig™ for us. We also ommited the area to bolt the DIY Wing, and we didnt like the textred face of all the other wings, so we added a large nylon washer wo give wing-like leverage for ratating the grip inboard. The area where the wedge bolts to the back has been redesigned so there is less girth around the sight channel. And finally, we gave it a mini bucket-top to make reholstering easier, as well as extending the top for folks that rin the adjustable mounting clip to go for deeper concealment. This prevents the top of the pants from rolling into the holster opening.

We still have the 4 position mounting system, allowing for over an inch of ride height adjustment. The DCC Mod 4 Shorty clip is still present allowing 12 degrees of dynamic rotation while you are wearing it. You dont "set it and forget it." It moves with you. The Dog-nose wedge is still removable as well.

We added back fat guns!

Sig 365XL, will fit the original 365, the 365X, the 365XL and Spectre Comp.

Sig 365 MACRO will fit the MACRO only.

The Glack 48 will fit the G48, G43X as well as the G43 (which is a pocket gun and should be carried as such)

The Shield Plus will fit 1.0, 2.0 regular shields, as well as both barrel length Shield Plus models.

Fat Guns
Glack 19 will fit G19,G26 etc

S&W M&P will fit 1.0 and 2.0 Full size and compact.

Sig P320c sill fit the Sig P320 Compact


(No reviews yet) Write a Review