Trempendix™ Holster (AIWB)


We started working on an AIWB holster way back when the 4th Gen holster came out. Finally, the Trempendix™ is here! 

In some ways, it's like the Appendix holster you are wearing now, in others, it may be different. When the fellas at First Wave started working with Garry on a signature appendix holster, he gave them a list of features he wanted on a single holster. Essentially being Dwarven left him without as much open real estate below the belt buckle, and he was trying to make that location work for a couple of years by trying different brands and models. It only took a handful of prototype revisions before he was happy to put his signature on it.

The main feature is the rotating DCC clip. The Mod 4 clip is designed to have 12° of rotational adjustment. Instead of making a fixed adjustment and tightening it down, the FW guys used nylon washers and a variety of slotted post sizes so the screws would bottom out in the posts right before they would lock the clip's location. This allows the holster to have some rotational swing while you are wearing it and are changing positions from standing, sitting, squatting, etc. But not allow free rotation like other holsters on the market that don't have built-in limits on how far they will rotate.

The clip has a grid of mounting holes, allowing for 1" of height adjustment in 1/4" increments. This gives the user the best option to find an ideal ride height. 

The Wing attachment not only rotates the grip of the gun towards the body for concealment, it also houses the adjustable retention scews. In addition, the Tie-Off point for running off-body is still there in the wing. There is a matching point on the back of the holster for an easy and quick tie-off. This has been a feature on all the Signature holsters since the Gen 3.  When grabbing a Bug Out Bag, or another pack/ruck, the pack's waistbelt occupies the same space as a holster. Garry's solution was to put it in a separate fanny pack or an HPG Kitbag on his chest. Rather than have a dedicated holster in the off-body bag and then still having an IWB holster to stow somewhere else, he simply added a tie-off point at the proper location to his IWB holster and moves the entire thing to his kitbag and then back again whenever the pack comes off for the day. This feature was mandatory to be on an AIWB holster as well. The FW guys had to get a little creative with the location but found a solution to Garry's liking.

Since Garry didn't want a Bucket-top for Appendix carry, the holster has a minimal sweat guard to assist in reholstering. The large blade-style sweat guard has never been acceptable to Garry, so finding the right height was a priority. 

The rear of the holster has a removable wedge. It acts as both a cushion and cants the rear of the gun to be closer to the body.

Sig 365XL, will fit the original 365, the 365X, the 365XL and Spectre Comp.

The Glack 48 will fit the G48, G43X as well as the G43 (which is a pocket gun and should be carried as such)

Optic cuts usually are a few days longer delivery than standard. M&P and G19 models will be coming, but won't ship before February. 365XL, Macro, and g48 will ship in early January.

Lead Time is currently 4 weeks. We just received all of the components after a massive delay from suppliers.