Team Dynamics

$175.00 $250.00
1 day

AKA Day 4 Carbine
If you knew you were going to a gunfight, you'd bring a rife, and you'd bring friends with rifles. It's a common thought to think that a teammate adds to your capabilities. The truth is, with some training, a teammate multiplies your capabilities. That's what we're here to do, multiply your capabilities.

We'll be running carbines all day and we'll be doing it with partners, fire teams and squads. Don't have a teammate? That's fine, we'll get you one at class. Bring your own and save a few dollars. Simply add more to your cart to see the discount. We'll ask for their name when we send the class information.

Prerequisite: Dynamic Carbine or equivalent. Day 3 Carbine is a pre-req for 1 drill. If you have not done D3C, you will not participate in that particular drill.

Gear List:
An open mind
Pen and Paper
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic Ear Pro recommended)
Weather appropriate clothing
Load carriage of your choice
A ZEROED fighting carbine (Pistol caliber/rimfire OK)
5 magazines
400 rounds of quality ammo
Gun lube of choice, cleaning gear
A roll of tan masking tape
Stapler and staples
Kneepads (optional)
A packed lunch and beverages for each day
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)