SZP - Scrap Zipper Pulls

These are simple chunks of Kydex that are large enough to grab with gloves or mittens on. We came up with these to put large HI-Viz pulls on the Medic Bag at the range. But they also ended up on a couple of puffy rapper jackets too.

They can be attached to an existing zipper pull with cordage at either end. Gutted Paracord is our favorite.  Cords through the grommet offer a large bump at the end to keep fingers from slipping off. Cords through the loop, keep the tail end thin and snag-free. Your choice.

We will laser text on them if you like. YOU MUST INDICATE IN THE ORDER NOTES WHAT TEXT OR LOGO YOU WANT. (All TremDyn-owned artwork is available. No Logos that you don't own the rights to) Some colors do not laser well, but we don't charge extra for it.

These are not really a First Wave product. Only so much that the guy who owns 94% of Tremis Dynamics also owns 25% of First Wave, and when they send Holsters to the Librarium, they are now sending along scrap pieces. They are being made in PA by Teenagers and Vets with time to kill. No two pieces will be perfectly identical.

Color choice will be sporadic. Grey, FDE and OD will likely be available most of the time as First Wave makes all of their holsters that arent a Tremis Signature in FDE or OD. Of course, Tremis Signatures only come in Grey. But they prototype stuff in other random colors so there are colored scraps that come in too, but no guarantee of what colors nor when they will be available.