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Sling Doober Mod2


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The Sling Doober ™ is the long-awaited sling storage system for the rear of your rifle. Here at Tremis Dynamics, we have long said that the best storage method was masking tape. And that is the easiest method for stowage. However, for folks that train, they will run dozens of reps per training day where they will deploy that sling, requiring a lot of retaping. Ranger bands and the like are a great way to get shit caught up in your charging handle so we don't recommend them.

The Dev Team has been trying different methods for about 2 years, trying to find a solution. Commercial products or custom, we tried a lot of methods. Finally, we landed on this plan. A custom polymer sling hanger, attached with user-replaceable shock cord to a custom-sewn doober-tab.

The doober is slid on the sling at the apex of the slack when it's wrapped around the back of the stock. The hook can be attached to a number of locations, but we usually attach it to the same point the end of the sling is attached to.

The MOD 2
The Mod 2 was something we started testing shortly after we started testing the original Doober (Now affectionately known as the Mod1). The principle is identical, but the materials are different. We omitted the larger Steel HK hook for a lower profile Stainless Steel Maratac hook. There is less bulk which is a plus, but there is an extra point of articulation. Some of the Dev Team thought this made stowing it a smidgen slower. It does not affect deploying it.

One area where the MOD2 shines is for lefties. Underhooking the doober is the ideal method for stowing it and the MOD1 works great on the right side of the gun but needs to be twisted for the left. The MOD2 can simply be disassembled, flipped, and reassembled by the end-user. The hooks are more expensive, but the doober tab is easier to sew so the final cost is the same.

You have the choice of the Black hanger or the prototype Blue hanger (while supplies last). The blue ones are no different, they were just made in blue to denote that they were prototypes in case they were going to be revised they wouldn't get mixed in with future production hangers. They did not get revised.