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Radio Ops Workshop


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If your team uses all those radios that you cleaned Amazon out of but can't get to the practical side of using them because you need to optimize the radio for your team's needs, this is the workshop for you.

There are classes out there that detail how to set up comms networks among groups. They are great and have a bullet point that says, "After you set up your radio...."
There are classes out there that talk about Team Communications that are awesome. Using Radios is one of the main points and often has a bullet point that reads "After you set up your radio...."There are even some good sources in the HAM community for setting up radio gear, but it's almost always directed at how traditional Ham enthusiasts enjoy their radios.


We're going to touch on the areas that the other classes focus on, but we're going to integrate the gear from step 1. We will have loaner radios, so as the class proceeds, you will be turning knobs and punching buttons right along with us. By all means, bring the one you already have, if you have one. We won't hit all the theory about how to talk to another prepper community three states away or even three counties away; we're going to set the gear up and teach methods to use it amongst the team around you.

We will spend the morning in the classroom, and following lunch, we will go on a multi-hour practical exercise and put what we learned to the test.


Gear List:

An open mind
Notetaking materials
A handheld radio (Loaners available)