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NJ Carry Permit Add-On


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We are now offering a live-fire qualification test as well as a written use of force test that satisfies the legal requirements of NJ Title 13, Ch 54, Subchapter 2.4

Both Day 0 Pistol, as well as Dynamic Pistol, already have this add-on as an option in a drop-down menu. However, we have a lot of students who have already signed up for those, before we offered this option. If you already are signed up for a pistol class but want to add the NJ tests, simply buy this and we'll add it to your pistol class.

If you signed up for a Pistol class and later decide you want to add this qualification, this is where you would add it. If you haven't yet signed up for a pistol class, you can add this right on that page.

If you would like to organize a private range session that meets this requirement, please CONTACT US