Mk 5 Signature Holster

These are built to order. We sometimes do have stock on the shelves, but obviously, not for every option. Lead time is 3 weeks.

The Mk5 signature holster is an evolution of the 4th generation holster. Each successive design has refined the previous one. There was a big step from 2-3 and 3-4. With this version, we have refined a few areas.

The tie-off point is easier to tie the holster off in HPG Kitbags and fanny packs. This feature was designed with bugout bags in mind. When donning a pack, the waistbelt interferes with traditional holsters. The fix was to carry the gun in either a chest bag, like those from Hill People Gear, or add a fanny pack to put the gun outside the pack's waistbelt. The simple solution was a dedicated holster designed for those carry methods. However, that leaves the problem of where to stow the IWB holster after removing the pack. This simple addition allows us a way to use the IWB holster inside either of those options.

The RCS claw is the lowest profile addition to rotate the pistol's grip into the body. Unlike bulky wings that often flex instead of doing their job, this claw works better and is a smaller, lower-profile option.

The unique positioning of the belt loops offers a few advantages. The front loop is on the spine of the holster, giving a small amount of grip rotation inboard. The rear loop is directly over the back of the mag release, positioning it between your fingers during a draw instead of under your trigger finger like the contemporary location. These two points are as far apart as one can get on this style holster, offering a more stable ride for your pistol.

The holster is available in Grey with a yellow eyelet. The official colorway of Tremis Dynamics. It is available for all 3 of the TremDyn recommended pistols; the Sig P365X, Sig P356XL, and Sig P354X Macro. The XL model will carry both the XL and the X pistols. The regular 365 and the 365SAS will also fit in the X and XL holster models. Future holsters for different pistols may see limited releases. The “old style” optic cut on the sigs will fit in these while running a red dot. The newer style will require an “Optic Cut” holster. The “Optic Cut” holsters require additional hardware as the cut is where the front snap is located. A strut is added to connect the soft loop at the lower portion of the spine instead of at the top. This provided the closest loop location, although it is not exactly the same.