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Lowlight Primer


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Getting to the range to work on low-light pistol shooting can be quite a task. Ranges close before dark, indoor ranges often don't allow variable lighting. We understand that and have found a way to maximize limited low-light range time.


This seminar is the classroom portion of a low-light workshop. We will use inert guns for this class in order to logistically do it in any location. This allows for us to teach the techniques and to coach students as they perform them without using valuable low-light range time. This allows for more reps when on the actual range.


We will have some loaner guns on hand as well as flashlights. Please, if you have your own blue gun/SIRT pistol/etc feel free to bring it. As well as your EDC holster and your flashlight. This class will focus on using a handheld light with your pistol but you are welcome to bring a weapon-mounted light.


Gear List:
Notepad and pen
EDC Holster
EDC flashlight
Optional: Inert pistol (Blue Gun, SIRT, ETC)