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Land Nav: GPS Workshop


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When your life's on the line, or you need to get from point A to point Z with a sense of urgency, there is no such thing as “cheating”. But, using a GPS for land nav will feel like you are… as long as you know how to actually use it.

This one day workshop will begin with classroom instruction on the basic features and functions of modern handheld GPS units. Once those few concepts are covered, it’s time to get outside and start moving. The outdoor portion of this workshop will culminate with a simulated practical exercise.

While most GPS units have similar functionality, we will be using our preferred Garmin GPS model lines (eTrex & GPSMAP) to demonstrate. If you have a different GPS model, feel free to bring it, but please make sure to be familiar with your owners manual and the functionality of your particular unit.

Gear List:

  • Notepad and pen
  • Handheld GPS Unit (Available for purchase with prior notice)
  • Extra GPS batteries or USB battery pack with appropriate cable
  • Handheld radio capable of broadcasting on FRS frequencies (Loaners available)
  • Whistle
  • Weather & Activity Appropriate Clothing (You will be going “off trail” and class is rain or shine)
  • Water
  • Lunch