F.I.S.H. 4

F.I.S.H. 4

is the culmination of the FISH journey. Students will face live, resisting opponents for the entirety of the day. The entire class will consist of Force on Force, utilizing UTM-converted carbines. We will put you in scenarios to best utilize what you have learned in FISH 1,2, and 3. 

This class does NOT include the cost of consumables. You will be required to purchase UTM ammo as needed. You can pre-order HERE or purchase it at class.

Prerequisite: F.I.S.H 2

Gear List:

One open mind
Sturdy clothing that covers exposed skin
Clear Eye protection
An ASTM 1776 - F1776 rated mask. (Some loaners available)
An AR-style rifle to be temporarily adapted for UTM ( No LAW folders)
Either a UTM Bolt or a Mantis Blackbeard System. (UTM Loaner Bolts available)
Approx 100 rounds of UTM Ammo if using UTM /30 if bringing a Mantis (Available for Purchase)
Pen and Paper
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)