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Cold Weather / Hot Shotgun


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This is a collaboration with Definitive Training Solutions. We're taking Dynamic Blunderbuss and Mixing it with Definitive Shotgun. It's totally not just those two classes back-to-back. Zach and Garry surprisingly have very similar views about the shotgun; those views just led them in different directions. Luckily for you, you'll get both directions and a few other ones in this 2-day class. It's going to be a loose, free-flowing format but will be chock full of solid information.


Gear List:
1 open mind
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic Ear Pro recommended)
A quality pump or semiauto shotgun
500 rounds of #7 or#8 birdshot
50 rounds of 00 Buckshot
25 rounds of slugs
Load carriage of your choice
Gun lube of choice, cleaning gear
Weather Appropriate clothing
A packed lunch and beverages for each day
A roll of tan masking tape
Stapler and staples
A Black Sharpie
Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location)