All Hands Muster - 2023


We're throwing another party! 

We've been involved in a number of different gatherings in years past. Last year we took all the best parts of them and made a new one of our own. We're doing it again, and we made some improvements. We're moving indoors for the "talky parts" and outside for the "shooty parts." We will now be right outside of Bloomsburg for the event.

We will have blocks of instruction, presentations, and hands-on activities all day long for you to choose from. There will be some vendors there showing off their wares as well as some giveaways throughout the day. The list of Instructors and vendors is listed at the bottom of this description.

A gear list will be sent out a few weeks prior to the event as the Instructors finalize what they are doing.

Oh yeah, we have classes both before and after the Muster.

Sonny Puzikas - Forward Training Concepts
Jerry Nuss - Ascending Variable
Zach Bush - Definitive Training Solutions
Dave Biggers - The Dave Biggers Experience
Mike Fiore - Tremis Dynamics
Garry Marr - Tremis Dynamics


More to come, we're still rather far out and will continue to add as we finalize details.