If you want some of these sweet Patriot Smokes, just message us and we can make arrangements. We've never shipped these due to Hazmat restrictions on shipping. Now Shopify will seize all of our funds if we allow you to add them to your cart for pickup.

Apparently these devices are so masculine, that they are not considered "Gender Neutral" and only 1 of the 879 known genders have a T count high enough to use these, so they fall outside the "Terms of Service". Even after an appeal, showing XX Chromosomes using them and having a ton of success, they still got nixed.

So if you Message Us, we'll figure out your pickup location and send you an invoice through a different payment processor that doesn't shopisuck. 


The kick-ass smoke from our friends in Indiana. These things are fantastic and are tenfold better than all the other civilian smoke products. In many aspects, they are better than the military versions. We’re not shipping them, Pickup only! We can meet at class, at study group, the range, whatever, we'll figure out a pickup place. We’re out and about teaching a lot of weekends and in Bloomsburg, PA the rest of the time. Those are the pickup options. If that doesn't work, you'll have to shop for them elsewhere. MSRP:$39.99


These have a polymer body that has been redesigned to fit in a can cannon.
In addition, there have been some internal reliability enhancements as well as relocating the vents to the top of the canister.