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Adeptus Vehicle


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The final leg in the Vehicle gunfighting series, this is your chance to put those live fire classes to the test. Against a resisting opponent, you will fight in and around vehicles. Multiple scenarios will put you to the test using UTM rifles and pistols. We will adapt your rifle with UTM parts and let you work through various scenarios throughout the day. UTM pistols are a mix of G19s and M&Ps.

We will use a variety of vehicles, with variable lighting as host ranges allow. There will be multiple opportunities to learn from both inside and outside the car. It will be a long day with plenty of repetitions.

Bring your own teammate and save a few dollars. Simply add more to your cart to see the discount. We'll ask for their name when we send the class information.

Prerequisite: Day3 Vehicle

Gear List:

One open mind
Sturdy clothing that covers exposed skin
An ASTM 1776 - F1776 rated mask. (Some loaners available)
An AR-style rifle to be temporarily adapted for UTM
EDC gear to include:
A strong side holster (Glock or M&P) (Some loaners available)
Sturdy gun belt
Pen and Paper
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)