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Dynamic Blunderbuss


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The common misconception is that shotguns are for novices. But the truth is that they are a weapon for experts. Keeping a scattergun in the fight is not a task to be taken lightly. We'll spend the day working out where a shotgun works best and the best methods for keeping it running.


Gear List:
1 open mind
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic Ear Pro recommended)
A quality pump or semiauto shotgun
300 rounds of #7 or#8 birdshot
25 rounds of 00 Buckshot
Extra Buckshot is encouraged, multiple sizes and brands are OK
Load carriage of your choice
Gun lube of choice, cleaning gear
Weather Appropriate clothing
A packed lunch and beverages for each day
A roll of tan masking tape
Stapler and staples
A black Sharpie
Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location)