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Dark Diagnostics


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So you’ve taken the groundbreaking Gunfight Diagnostics. You’ve turned your back on the dogma and burned the dusty old manual full of doctrine. You no longer accept the results that your standard pistol class indoctrinates you to accept (50% failure). You are enlightened. 

Now let’s enlighten the dark. We take the same approach that we do in Diagnostics. We use data to search for the path that gets us the desired result. We will use the same critical eye that we do in Diagnostics to stretch beyond the boundaries that have been carved in stone at the Institutes of old. 

We will spend the night debunking the old methods and finding the methods that work against resisting opponents. Gone are the days of a flashlight and a cardboard target to prove your expertise. Here your body and ego will pay the price for that stationary mindset.

Due to the high round count, UTM will NOT be utilized for this class. Although it is the superior option for any FoF training, consumable costs would make this class much too expensive to put on. Instead, we will use Airsoft, which has some limitations but will allow the students copious amounts of reps.

Students will need to bring EDC support gear to fit a Glock 17. (Holster, mag pouches) a full face mask that is ASTM F1776 certified and typical clothing as worn every day.

Bring a handheld flashlight. You may bring a pistol light if it will fit a G17 and you have a holster for that combo.

Prerequisite: Gunfight Diagnostics (No Substitutions)

One open mind
Pen and Paper
G17 Holster (some loaners available)
ASTM F1776 rated head protection (Some Loaners available)
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants
Kneepads (optional)
Lunch and beverages
Flashlight (some loaners available)
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)