Bug The Fuck Out

We have been running these for years. It was the original Study Group, then it turned into a class and went back to a Study Group. We’re still running these as a Study Group that traditionally needs an Alumnus to vouch for you; however, we are opening limited paid slots, and those students will get the blocks of instruction of years past while we traverse about 16 miles over two days. We’ll be spending a night in the woods and living out of our Bugout Bags. The idea is to pressure test the gear we have assembled. There are about 1100 feet of elevation gain but don’t worry; it’s almost all in a 1-mile stretch known worldwide as “The Fucking Goat Path.” Physical condition should be commensurate with this level of activity.

Prerequisite: Bugout Primer or similar.

Gear List:
A Properly packed Bugout Bag
(detailed packing list will be emailed after signup)