Dynamic Pistol

Full Cost : $550


Dynamic Pistol is a 3-day intermediate-level class designed to break the static range mindset. Gunfights are a dynamic experience. Training for one should be done that way as well. We will emphasize a lot of movement, lots and lots of movement. In addition, we will be reviewing fundamental shooting skills, drawing, shooting with either hand,  multiple targets, and more in a variety of drills that stress realism and will challenge your decision-making. You will learn techniques for using your gun from contact distance out to 30+ yards, groundfighting, post-fight actions, and a little bit of stress inoculation in order to gain the confidence and mindset to not only survive but thrive with the use of your pistol.


NOW INCLUDES DAY-3 PISTOL! When you sign up for this class, it includes Day 3 pistol as the third training day. This class will be focused on fighting with a concealed pistol. Gear should be set up the same as it would be EDC’d. The day will be spent performing some arduous drills with a healthy round count. Students will find themselves in uncomfortable positions and exhausted by the end of the day. Physical condition should be appropriate for such activity. There will be a pass/fail drill at the end of class. You may not leave with anything more than some new skills and incredible memories, but it will still be worth the price of admission.

Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Skills, such as Day 0 Pistol


Gear List:
One open mind
A Striker-Fired fighting pistol
800 rounds of quality ammunition
A strong side Kydex holster (yes, appendix is good to go)
Sturdy gun belt
5 magazines (single stacks bring more)
Mag pouch (pockets are fine)
Quality Eye Protection
Ear Protection (Amplified is HIGHLY recommended)
Kneepads (Optional)
Lunch for every day
Gun cleaning gear and lube
Pen and Paper
1 gallon of water (not for drinking)
A roll of tan masking tape
Stapler and staples
$Range Fee as indicated in the confirmation email (Varies by Location; 0-25 as set by the host range)