August 27, 2021

Yes there is a Patreon page. It has a few unique features. All of the levels get early access to content. That means media such as youtube videos as well as the ability to buy things before they are released to the public. Classes have been known to sell out inside Patreon before they ever had a chance to be made public.

Once in awhile there is some exclusive content that never makes it to the public. The infamous Kryptek video that set the internets ablaze is one of those.

Some folks will get some TremDyn stickers. Some levels get a limited edition patch. The M81 Woodland pirate flag patches have never been for sale. They go to patrons only.

Then there are the other two levels which are the ones that you dont often see. The Astartes level is $25 a month and you get 3 tuition-free training days per year to use. It's like getting a discount class on layaway.

At the top is the Warrior Lodge level. $100 per month lets you take as many classes as you want, tuition-free. If you takle more than 2 classes a year, you are making out at this level. However the number is very limited and only opens up if somebody drops out.

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